Phoenix Timeline

1945Phoenix players Formed
1945Other People’s Houses
1946AprilFlat To LetCollege of Drama, Alveston
1946Where Three Ways MeetBirmingham Guild Drama Festival
1947All records for 1947 have been lost.
1948AprilFinaleJubilee Hall, Clifford Chambers
1948The Sister Who Walked in SilenceMoseley & Balsall Heath Institute
1948Leamington Parochial Hall
1948DecemberQueer StreetJubilee Hall, Clifford Chambers
1948Ladies in Waiting
1948The Sister Who Walked in SilenceMemorial Hall, Henley
1949FebruaryVilla For Sale
1949Red Sky at NightJubilee Hall, Clifford Chambers
1949The Waxen Man
1949Where Three Ways MeetBirmingham Guild Drama Festival
1950MarchThe Lilies of the FieldN.C. Joseph’s Canteen Theatre
1950Holiday Home & Highlights ReviewMemorial Hall, Henley
1950NovemberI’ll Leave it to YouN.C. Joseph’s Canteen Theatre
1951FebruaryRobinson Crusoe the Second – The first Phoenix PantoMemorial Hall, Henley
1951FebruaryRobinson Crusoe the Second – The first Phoenix PantoWood Street Hall, Stratford
1951AprilHighlights ReviewWood Street Hall, Stratford
1951The various Highlights Reviews were put on by the group’s “Variety Section”
1951AprilA Hundred Years OldWood Street Hall, Stratford
1951OctoberMr. Pim Passes ByWood Street Hall, Stratford
1951NovemberThe Sister Who Walked in SilenceMemorial Hall, Henley
1951Winning first place in a one act festival
1952JanuaryBonaventureWood Street Hall, Stratford
1952MarchThe VisitorTemple Grafton Village Hall
1952The Sister Who Walked in SilenceIlmington Village Hall
1952Mr.Twemlow is Not HimselfWood Street Hall, Stratford
1952Mr.Twemlow is Not HimselfEttington Village Hall
1952Mr.Twemlow is Not HimselfLeamington
1952OctoberTons of MoneyThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1952NovemberTons of MoneyMemorial Hall, Henley
1952NovemberArms and the ManThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1953FebruaryThe Monkey’s PawEttington Village Hall
1953FebruaryPower Without GloryThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1953JuneCharity BeginsThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1953JuneArms and the ManThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1954JanuaryCinderellaThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1954MarchThe Truth About BlaydsThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1955JanuaryAladdinThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1955MarchThe HollowThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1956JanuaryRobinson CrusoeThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1956The SecretThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1956HarveyThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1957JanuaryBabes in the WoodThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1957An Ideal HusbandThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1957OctoberAll My SonsThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1958JanuaryDick WhittingtonThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1958MayOn Monday NextThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1958OctoberMurder MistakenThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1959MayWhy Not Tonight?The Hippodrome, Stratford
1959NovemberAll For MaryThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1960JanuaryCinderellaThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1960Apr Reluctant HeroesThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1960OctoberAntigoneThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1961JanuaryJack and the BeanstalkThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1961MayTwo Dozen Red RosesThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1961The Seven Year ItchThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1961SeptemberBell, Book and CandleThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1962JanuaryAladdinThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1962JuneGrand Carnival ConcertThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1962Look Back in AngerThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1963JanuaryThe Princess and the SwineherdThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1963The Rape of the BeltThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1963OctoberThe Long and the Short and the TallThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1964Will Any Gentle man?The Hippodrome, Stratford
1964MarchMarching SongThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1965JanuaryThe Wizard of OzThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1965JulyThe Irregular Verb to LoveThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1966JanuaryBeauty and the BeastThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1966MayBilly LiarThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1966OctoberMy Three AngelsThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1966Phoenix Players’ magazine Zonda starts
1967JanuaryTreasure IslandThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1967AprilThe Reluctant DebutanteThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1967MandragolaThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1968JanuaryMother GooseThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1968OctoberMay Dor in the HouseThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1969OctoberAll in Good TimeThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1969JanuaryRobinson CrusoeThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1969JuneSomething to HideThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1970JanuaryRainbow CityThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1970MaySemi-DetachedThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1970OctoberThe RivalsThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1971MarchWhat The Butler SawThe Hippodrome, Stratford
1971DecemberOn Monday NextThe Parish Hall
1972AprilWhite Liars & Black ComedyStratford Boys’ High School
1973FebruaryThe Lion in WinterS.W. College Drama Studio
1973NovemberThe Hollow CrownS.W. College Drama Studio
1974JanuaryCamelotS.W. College Drama Studio
1975SeptemberPleasure & RepentanceS.W. College Drama Studio
1976JanuaryThe Wizard of OzS.W. College Drama Studio
1977JanuaryAladdinS.W. College Drama Studio
1977AprilThe Ghost TrainS.W. College Drama Studio
1978JanuarySleeping BeautyS.W. College Drama Studio
1978MarchThe Prime of Miss Jean BrodieS.W. College Drama Studio
1978JuneThe Killing of Sister GeorgeS.W. College Drama Studio
1979JanuaryCinderellaS.W. College Drama Studio
1979MayAlice’s Adventures in WonderlandS.W. College Drama Studio
1980JanuaryRobinson CrusoeS.W. College Drama Studio
1980MayOliverS.W. College Drama Studio
1981JanuaryToad of Toad HallS.W. College Drama Studio
1982JanuaryDick WhittingtonS.W. College Drama Studio
1982JanuaryMove Over Mrs MarkhamS.W. College Drama Studio
1983JanuaryJack and the BeanstalkStratford Methodist Hall
1983JulyCaptain BeakyS.W. College Drama Studio
1984JanuaryMother GooseStratford Methodist Hall
1985JanuaryAladdin StratfordMethodist HallStratford Methodist Hall
1985JuneNot Now DarlingS.W. College Drama Studio
1985JulyFortieth Anniversary PartyThe Tramway
1986JanuaryBabes in the WoodStratford Methodist Hall
1986MayDon’t Just Lie There say Something (First performance by any group at Stratford’s new Civic Hall)Stratford Civic Hall
1986Peter Malcom Ray passed away 1929-86
1986SeptemberThe Ghost TrainStratford Civic Hall
1987JanuaryAli BabaStratford Methodist Hall
1987MayMurder DeferredStratford Methodist Hall
1988JanuaryCinderellaStratford Methodist Hall
1988JuneChase Me ComradeStratford Civic Hall
1988JulyShowtimeStratford Methodist Hall
1989JanuarySleeping BeautyStratford Civic Hall
1989OctoberStepping OutStratford Civic Hall
1989MaySurprise PackageStratford Civic Hall
1989JuneShowtime 2Stratford Civic Hall
1989OctoberStepping OutStratford Civic Hall
1990JanuaryPinocchioStratford Civic Hall
1990MayTime Murder PleaseStratford Civic Hall
1990AugustPhoenix Variety ShowStratford Civic Hall
1990SeptemberFlying FeathersStratford Civic Hall
1991JanuaryAladdinStratford Civic Hall
1991MayFarndale Avenue…MacbethStratford Civic Hall
1991SeptemberOff The HookStratford Civic Hall
1992JanuarySanta in SpaceStratford Civic Hall
1992MayA Touch of DangerStratford Civic Hall
1992SeptemberFarndale…The Haunted Through LoungeStratford Civic Hall
1992NovemberKenneth Charles Kennett (1928-1992) passed away
1993JanuaryCinderellaStratford Civic Hall
1993JuneSalad DaysStratford Civic Hall
1993SeptemberBedroom FarceStratford Civic Hall
1994JanuaryPuss in BootsStratford Civic Hall
1994MayFools Rush InStratford Civic Hall
1994SeptemberAlphabetical OrderStratford Civic Hall
1995JanuaryBabes in the WoodStratford Civic Hall
1995JuneCamelotStratford Civic Hall
1995SeptemberTons of MoneyStratford Civic Hall
1996JanuaryDick WhittingtonStratford Civic Hall
1996JuneConfusionsStratford Civic Hall
1996SeptemberKindly Leave the StageStratford Civic Hall
1997JanuaryJack and the BeanstalkStratford Civic Hall
1997JuneThe BoyfriendStratford Civic Hall
1997SeptemberA Murder is AnnouncedStratford Civic Hall
1998JanuaryFrankensteinStratford Civic Hall
1998JuneThe EnquiryStratford Civic Hall
1998SeptemberPost Horn GallopStratford Civic Hall
1999JanuaryHansel and GretelStratford Civic Hall
1999MayDivorce me DarlingStratford Civic Hall
1999SeptemberPlaza SuiteStratford Civic Hall
2000JanuaryMother GooseStratford Civic Hall
2000JuneMurder in PlayStratford Civic Hall
2000SeptemberFarndale Avenue…Murder MysteryStratford Civic Hall
2001JanuaryBeauty and the BeastStratford Civic Hall
2001JuneDo Not DisturbStratford Civic Hall
2001SeptemberNatural CausesStratford Civic Hall
2002JanuaryCinderellaStratford Civic Hall
2002MayThe Wizard of OzStratford Civic Hall
2002SeptemberFarndale Avenue…A Christmas CarolStratford Civic Hall
2003JanuaryAladdinStratford Civic Hall
2003JuneWhen We Are MarriedStratford Civic Hall
2003SeptemberMurdered to DeathStratford Civic Hall
2004JanuaryTreasure IslandStratford Civic Hall
2004MaySteel MagnoliasStratford Civic Hall
2004SeptemberLord Arthur Savile’s CrimeStratford Civic Hall
2005JanuarySleeping BeautyStratford Civic Hall
2005MayHaywireStratford Civic Hall
2005Sixtieth Anniversary Party Civic HallStratford Civic Hall
2005SeptemberA Snake in the GrassStratford Civic Hall
2006JanuaryRed Riding HoodStratford Civic Hall
2006Allo, AlloStratford Civic Hall
2006SeptemberMurder By The BookStratford Civic Hall
2007JanuaryDick WhittingtonStratford Civic Hall
2007MayHeatstrokeStratford Civic Hall
2007SeptemberCurtain Up On MurderStratford Civic Hall
2008FebruaryRobin HoodStratford Civic Hall
2008MaySee How They RunStratford Civic Hall
2008DecemberDeck ChairsStratford Civic Hall
2008OctoberGreen FormsStratford Civic Hall
2009JanuarySinbadStratford Civic Hall
2009MayGaslightStratford Civic Hall
2009NODA nomination for best drama
2009SeptemberFawlty TowersStratford Civic Hall
2010JanuaryCinderellaStratford Civic Hall
2010MaySuddenly at HomeStratford Civic Hall
2010SeptemberSandcastlesStratford Civic Hall
2010Open House RSC Main House
2011JanuaryJack and the BeanstalkStratford Civic Hall
2011NODA nomination for best panto
2011MayDeckchairsStratford Civic Hall
2011SeptemberIt Runs in the FamilyStratford Civic Hall
2011NODA nomination for best drama
2011JanuaryOpen HouseThe Swan Theatre
2012JanuaryAladdinStratford Civic Hall
2012MaySpring and Port Wine 2012Stratford Civic Hall
2012SeptemberSecond from Last in the Sack Race
2013JanuarySleeping BeautyStratford Civic Hall
2013JuneThe Obituary ShowStratford Civic Hall
2013The Real Inspector Hound
2013SeptemberMurder on the NileStratford Civic Hall
2013DecemberWilson Roberts passed away 1938-2013
2014JanuarySnow WhiteStratford Civic Hall
2014MayFind The LadyTiddington Community Centre
2014SeptemberTake Away the LadyStratford Arts House
2015JanuaryGoldilocksStratford Arts House
2015MarchArts Organisation of the Year Award (Pride of Stratford)
2015MayAnniversary PartyStratford Arts House
2015MayAgatha CrustyThe Bear Pit
2015MayDon’t Mention the DreamTiddington Community Centre
2015SeptemberThe Titfield ThunderboltStratford Arts House
2015NODA nomination for best drama
2016FebruaryAlice in WonderlandStratford Arts House
2016MayOut of FocusThe Bear Pit
2016NODA winner for best drama
2016JuneDance Before DyingTiddington Community Centre
2016SeptemberStraight and NarrowThe Bear Pit
2017MarchBeauty and the BeastStratford Arts House
2017JuneTits, Cigs and ZipsTiddington Community Centre
2017JuneTits, Cigs and Zips Lighthorne Village Hall
2017JulyFour Plays and an IntervalThe Bear Pit
2017AugustDon Smart passed away
2017OctoberHey Li’l ManThe Bear Pit
2018MarchOnce Upon A TimeStratford Arts House
2018MayMurder at Checkmate ManorThe Bear Pit
2018JuneWhat is Normal? Ilmington and sTiddington Community Centre
2018SeptemberWyrd SistersThe Bear Pit
2019FebruaryTreasure Island Stratford Playhouse (formerly Arts House)
2019JuneA Phoenix NightThe Bear Pit
2019JuneSarah & George Nuneaton
2019SeptemberBelieveThe Bear Pit
2019FebruaryThe Legend of King ArthurStratford Arts House
2020OctoberPhoenix Unlocked Songs and sketches Online
2020DecemberA Phoenix Advent Calendar Online
2020JuneThe Transmigration Show Nuneaton
2020Winner of technical achievement award
2021JuneAnother Phoenix Night Stratford Town Hall
2021JulyBrummagem PalsThe Bear Pit
2021OctoberJean Farrington passed away aged 92
2021OctoberWhen We Are MarriedTiddington Community Centre
2022FebruaryRobin HoodStratford Methodist Hall
2022AprilBrummagem PalsAbbey Theatre, Nuneaton
2022Winner of Adjudicator’s Award
2022AprilBrummagem PalsThe Little Theatre, Leicester
2022Winner of Best Original Play
2022MayMurdered to DeathThe Bear Pit
2022MayPinteresqueThe Bear Pit
2022JunePinteresque Lighthorne Village Hall
2022Selected for N.D.F.A National Awards
2022JulyPinteresqueAlbany Theatre, Coventry
2022OctoberAll My SonsStratford Methodist Hall
2023JanuaryZorro – The Panto!Stratford Methodist Hall